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  • Leica M11 camera sensor measurements now available at PhotonsToPhotos 22. Januar 2022
    PhotonsToPhotos published their first Leica M11 sensor measurements – here is a comparison with the Leica M10-P and Leica M1o-R cameras (click for larger view): and another one with the Nikon Z9 and Sony a1: Leica M11 pre-order links: Americas Europe Asia Africa Adorama / B&H Amazon PopFlash Leica Miami Tamarkin Camera Classic Connection Meister […]
    LR admin
  • Now available: DIY Funleader Helicoid for Contax G45 f/2 lens to Leica M-mount conversion 21. Januar 2022
    Funleader started selling a separate DIY Helicoids for the Contax G45 f/2 lens to Leica M-mount conversion. The Helicoid will allow you to convert your own Contax G45 f/2 lens to a Leica M-mount version (the original G45 lens is available on eBay). The Helicoid conversion is much cheaper than the already converted lens ($539 […]
    LR admin
  • Join the Leica USA tech talk today: “A legend reinvented. Discover the Leica M11” 20. Januar 2022
    Today Leica Camera USA will have an online tech talk on the new Leica M11 camera (January 20th, 2022 at 1:00 pm ET). You can watch the event live on YouTube: “All eyes are on you when you reimagine and reinvent a legend. There are many challenges along the road to improving performance and yet […]
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  • Leica Q3 or Leica QL or a new Leica X? 20. Januar 2022
    It seems that Leica already removed the leaked Q3 image from Leica FOTOS in their latest app update. Or maybe this was not a leaked Q3 but a leaked Leica QL APS-C camera with a fixed lens – a new baby Q? Just like the original Leica X from 2009, which I was a big […]
    LR admin
  • Leica M11 camera first impressions 20. Januar 2022
    My name is Andrew (, and I am very excited to share some images with you from the new Leica M11. When the phone rang just after 9am from my friend Sawyer at Leica Store Boston I grabbed the call on the first ring. The M11 had just been announced, and he was calling to […]
    LR admin

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