Streetphotography in Brussels, Leica M Monochrom, Noctilux 50, 1.0 and a Summilux 35, 1.4 asph. FLE

Last weekend our photo group was in Brussels for a photo-walk and I decided to only take my Leica M 246 Monochrome with me. And we had an enjoyable time. Never been to Brussels for a city-trip before, although it is only a two hours drive from Düsseldorf.

Spots for streetphotography in Bruxelles

Where have we been? We had a 16 km trip through central Brussels, which took us 6 hours. Besides the city centre we were in Molenbeek, Red Light district at Bruxelles-North station, Stalingrad, Sablon and some more places. In the evening we went to the Kirmes and the next day we were at the area around Stalingrad including Saint-Géry.

On the first day until the afternoon I had my Leica M246 Monochrome with me with the 35 mm Summilux asph. FLE. The rest of the trip it was the same camera with the Noctilux 50mm 1.0.

I made my mind up not to to take the SL with me as well. Maybe in retrospect this was a wrong decision, as Bruxelles has a lot of colorful photo motives. Not at least the paintings on the houses and the houses itself.

But nevertheless, this is, what I saw in Bruxelles in one and a half day – in black and white.

Thanks to Patrick de Baene for a great tour in Bruxelles city centre. My feet are still aching 😀

Leica Monochrome M 246 and the Summilux 35 mm asph, FLE

Leica Monochrome M 246 and the Noctilux 50 mm 1.0 (Mandler version)

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Leica M246 und Noctilux1.0
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Hochzeit von Andreas und Claudia, Leica Monochrom M246 und Summilux 50 1.4 asph.

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